Sunday, April 15, 2007

Y al fin salto!!!...

I couldn't believe Ollin actually made his way into the jumper. At every kids party we've been to with a jumper, Ollin has always had the exact same reaction. He slips off his shoes sits outside of the jumper and looks inside working up the courage to go in. After several minutes ( which always feels like an eternity to me) he goes in only to sit inide crying or he slides out and repeats this process throughout the party. I'm a no pressure mom who gives him his space, so I figured, "Here we go again!" But surprise!! He liked it! His "padrino" Ricky and his older cousin Frankie helped him inside and sat inside the jumper with him. It was like jumper therapy. Awesome video to follow of my Olli enjoying a jumper for the first time ever. Next challenge, those crazy sumo wrestler costumes for his next birthday party.


Blogger MANALE said...

Diego, es emocionante lo que contas y luego ver el video, como nos llega el ver a nuestros hijos lograr "grandes cosas" no?.
La moraleja es que los chicos a veces necesitan ver a alguien hacer lo que ellos quieren hacer pero no estan seguros, los chicos aprenden la mayoria de las cosas "por imitacion".
Me alegro que disfrutes de tu hijo de esta manera.
Un abrazo

6:47 PM  

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