Friday, April 21, 2006

In the last 5 years, a small number of the country's largest industrial corporations has acquired more public communications power-including ownership of the news-than any political agenda of the country. And with that power comes the ability to exert influence that in many ways is greater than that of schools, religion, parents, and even government itself.Aided by the digital revolution and the acquisition of subsidiaries that operate at every step in the mass communications process, from the creation of content to its delivery into the home, the communications cartel has exercised stunning influence over national legislation and government agencies, an influence whose scope and power would have been considered scandalous or illegal twenty years ago.The new communications cartel has been made possible by the withdrawal of earlier government intervention that once aspired to protect consumers and move toward the ideal of diversity of content and ownership in the mass media.Government's passivity has emboldened the new giants to boast openly of monopoly and their ability to project news, commercial messages, and graphic images into the consciousness and subconscious of almost every American.Strict control of public information is not new in the world, but historical dictatorships lacked the late twentieth century's digital multimedia and distribution technology. As the country approaches the millennium, the new cartel exercises a more complex and subtle kind of control.- Ben H. Bagdikian


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Diego, estaba leyendo este atículo en Página de hoy, y me dió un poco más de miedo lo de la red storm. Por las consecuencias con esta mentalidad (en realidad me refrescó que esta mentalidad está marcada a fuego por el norte, este oeste y sur. Pero en el norte tienen el poder y la impunidad para usarla).
(es copia de respuesta a tu comment en mi blog pero tiene algo que ver con tu post, lo del manejo de la información, menejo de cabezas, y solo se sabe lo que queremos que se sepa)
Te sigo leyendo

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Anonymous unFame said...

Hollywood’s Iron Curtain Breaking Down

There's an unpublicized battle in the US concerning Hollywood; celebrity gossip, actors, tainted news, etc., revolving around our on-going iron-curtain media-monopoly. The corp Hollywood (Nazi like) machine is relentless in it's endeavors to strangle U.S. and global arts and media with it's supreme control. This network extends to the UK. Hollywood's puppet-masters are in offices of high authority, and big business consortium's. Considered hush-hush, universal common knowledge, by-products of this machine includes establishing and maintaining a highly distrusted, censored and slanted arts and movies, news and publication forum (all media). The new generation is aware that corp Hollywood owns and/or controls most all US major radio stations, T.V. networks, music labels, publishing houses, news papers and magazines, Internet engines and major gossip-rags. Hollywood actors|artists are suffering the brunt of this destructive machine's collateral-damage. The general population feels it's effects indirectly via a sweet chemical-like gassing of celeb-biz-commercialism and relentless propaganda. Older society's showing symptoms of being pacified, mentally and emotionally stagnated, and becoming increasingly miss-informed and/or uneducated. The new generation will have none of it. "Fuck Hollywood" is their motto! They refuse to become like pre WWII Germany who chose to be passive regarding the same Hollywood techniques that the US endures today.

Our current arts|media course has dismantled the arts and oppressing actors|artists. US movie actors are equivalent to royalty in the UK. They're the figureheads for arts-media in the U.S.. It's highly unlikely that it's by accident that this intelligent, corporate media monopoly machine undermines the importance
of the arts-media by framing them as a silly commercial clown and
defrocking it's representatives?

This implies that Nazi-Hollywood dept-heads encourages the masses to consider Hollywood's goings-on as just an after thought for the simple minded. Common sense suggest that being passe towards this issue helps enable Hollywood's seemingly unstoppable machine. It could be argued that responsible societies who are interested in an immediate higher state of affairs for themselves and their children closely monitor the logistics of the arts-media...and consider the
front cover of gossip magazines and slanted news blurbs not as a joke, but as a blatant and insulting indicator of an attempt at mass manipulation. Case in point; why are major world news stations filling air time with trite celebrity gossip in stead of hard news.

These same representatives (actors|artists) - and art itself - embodies freedom of speech. This filters into society. Can the people become a united collective..motivated in the belief that, "Your wildest dreams can come true" without relying on war as it's vehicle for unity? Yes. As the rightful overseers of our arts, the people are bound by self preservation and civil duty to be closely involved in this most precious and essential institution. SAVE THE ARTS, along with the seals, the planet the ozone, Africa (diamonds, the next world war), the fur bearing animals, the trees...

It's become beyond--ridiculously--obvious that the corporate monopoly machine of Hollywood, in conjunction with those in power throughout the United States with it's silent consortium's here and abroad, utilizes the arts-media to influence, manipulate and ultimately dominate. It could be debated that when the major corporate players from Germany first started out in the U.S. arts, in about 1920, "their eyes were big blue question marks". Clearly, those eyes are now "big green dollar marks." The old adage 'control the media, control the people' which the overly ambitious and single minded seek for unchallengeable supremacy is not worth debating. SAVE THE ARTS instead, ignore all mainstream media.

Iconic of arts, actors, artists are bearing the brunt of the intent, efforts and oppressive political, business and labor practices of this machine. More and more are showing indicators of distress as the takeover of the arts-media continues. A catalyst to examine this; ' The Art's Martyr', a decade ago she suffered unfair labor practices...a virtual loss of young motherhood while under studio contract, and her subsequently being black balled--just one of many--such common occurrences, highlights corp's ulterior motives.

Critical to the success of corp's takeover, the Hollywood gossip machine promotes a pointed lack of empathy for actors|artists. Corp Hollywood paints a facade via news blurbs and gossip-rags that actors are overindulged tycoons instead of their true position as corp's oppressed pawns in golden cages...sweating whether or not they'll get that next project. The new generation is ignoring the old Hollywood regime and especially any of it's media products as they actively ...participate in the US society's ever mounting
fight concerning the arts-media and they're ownership. In this, our most visible representatives in the arts, our actors ...artist...need the peoples supreme support. Our artist|actors are essential workers. They are to be celebrated...not berated.

The new--take action--generation’s message is clear. “F***K HOLLYWOOD” is their relentless, shouted motto. The new generation's ideology concerning this, seemingly immature, approach is “if you’re one that has to be convinced of the issue, with all the how, when, what, where and why’s of it ...then you are the big part of the problem, go away! ...take action, produce now, freely, find a way ...or do, say anything, something against it—always ...ignore the current forum, platform, all of it! ...And question everything!!! ...or you are the problem!”

Being that, the current dying Hollywood is an unchallenged expert (90 years) in doing battle on this media-monopoly, oppressive front, backed by unstoppable means and with empowered governing puppet-masters ...Our immature new generation may not be that immature or unwise after all. You choose;
...the German people did (see, pre WWII) in their lack of omission to choose.

I see it is more difficult to pull anything concerning your writings lately. Bravo for your continual efforts ...don't stop.

best wishes

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