Friday, September 22, 2006

"Desde que salio esta pelicula en el 75 nos estan rompiendo el culo"
On a stormy night, Trapito the scarecrow saves Salapin the sparrow's life. Salapin is very grateful and makes Trapito believe that he can move from his place. Together they go to the patriarch of birds who ascertains that Trapito has no fantasy. Therefore Salapin will be his fantasy. After that, they meet Largirucho, a clumsy farmer. They become friends and go to the city to sell cheese. From the money they're going to eat in a restaurant. When Largirucho discovers his money is stolen and can't pay, the cook keeps his pig. He must pay within 7 days or the cook will slaughter the pig. Their adventures start when they're finding a job.
And Petete become president of Argentina...Chim...Pum!!!


Anonymous YO, SARRA said...

Si si como el "CANTO" de la tribuna..." DESPACITO , DESPACITO , LE ROMPIMOS EL CUL...."

10:32 AM  

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